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It is a town situated at the centre -south of the continental region and it is the capital of Wele Nzas.The town at the border with Gabon,It has a plane run way.

The Trilite of Mibang. is situated 17km from Mongomo towards the road Mongomo-Alen-Ebebiyin.

Very close to Gabon which is situated at the other side of Rio Kie, Mongomo is situated in the heart of the great equatorial forest and in the heart of the  Fang tribe.

The Fangs were the first people to start penetrating the forest of Central Africa as early as the 12th century.

These were originally nomatic breeders who later changed their way of life and became settled farmers and hunters after having cleared the forest and opened clearings for setting up villages and plantations.

The Fang are great wood sculptors and have considerably enriched the heritage of great museums in the world with their masks and particularly small statues on pedestal which serve for ancestral worship. Unfortunately, with Christianity replacing animistic rites, traditional sculptors have disappeared (*)).

C/ Mongomo, BP 94

Hôtel Mongomo

Aeródromo de  Mongomo

Una calle de  Mongomo

Ecos de Wele Nzas


Extract from touristic guide. Author:Manene Nsogo Juan


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