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In Bata,the white sand of the beach extends right to horizon without mouquitoes,an ideal place for tourist.

Many people stroll on this nice beach as from 13h GMT.Between the beach and the town there is a maritme pathway well arranged for the city to be clean and welcoming. 

The beach in Bata is amongst the most beautiful in the world,white sand where we one circulate with car for very long kilometres.Especially between 8am to 14h GMT.

One goes to Utonde on excursion to see the beautiful beach, crocodiles, wild animals,birds etc.Another activity done in Utonde is hunting.There canoes recreation and sporting fishing.

 Corisco Island has fascinating beach with totally white sand.

¨       «CAMPAÑA DE AFANA»,Rock : It is a wonder and fantastic crude product when ever one touches it with another rock.

¨        «Rapidos de Sendje» Is found in River Wele, towards Mbini City.

¨       Monte Bata  It's a wonderful place with many hills et large cliffs which renders the place an attraction and adventure site..(*).


Extract from touristic guide. Author:Manene Nsogo Juan


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