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Touristic Guide

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Badammo It is found in the south of Bioko island at the beach in Ureka village.

COPE  Bridge
Equatoguinnean had to understand nature to construct this bridge due to the hostility of that zone.In between cliffs.The movement and the visibility of this bridge makes it a very important touristic site.


Mount Basilé
It is situated at 9km from Malabo,it is a touristic site which allows one have a view of more than 120km towards neigbouring countries:Nigeria and Cameroon.The road is tared.The cliffs and volcanoes of this mountain makes the visited site by tourists.


Lake Moka

Moka is a big touristic center of the country, a place for rest and relaxation especially during Week-ends.Moka is situated 76km from Malabo and 1 500metres high from sea level.One can vist Lake Moka from Moka.

Beaches of Bioko Island

It is situated some 45km from the Malabo-Luba road and some 2km from the Road to the beach.This beach is called the "white sand beach" due to its colour.One can equally see fishermen who can act as touristic guides depending on need to go to «los Loros».Island.


 «del seis»  Beach
Outskirt Malabo towards the airport precisely at six(6)km one can find the
«del seis» beach where tourist can circulate along the beach for about 2km with a car .During the weekends Crowd of people stroll freely savouring the  pure and fresh sea breeze.


 "del Quince" Beach
One can drive along the Malabo-Luba road and stop at a small village called BASUPU for checks.At this beach there is very less mosquitoes.It is much better than «del Seis





Town hall in Malabo

tél.(240) 09 24 34 Malabo

GETESA tél.(240) 09 28 15
fax (240) 09 33 13 Malabo

 hispano-guineano cultural Centre
tél.(240) 09 27 20 Malabo

Malabo Palace

SGB-GE Malabo
tél.(240) 09 2102/2344
fax (240) 09 33 66

Malabo City Map

Radio Malabo

tél.(240) 0920 11 Malabo

tél.(240) 09 29 10
fax (240) 09 33 11

Institut culturel d'expression francais
tél.-(240) 09 23 67 fax-(240)09 29 85 Malabo

T he volcano crater of
Pico  Basilé


Extract from touristic guide. Author: Manene Nsogo Juan

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