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Evinayong is a small town of 4000 people situated at the foot of Mount Chime. Due to its geographical location (at the center of the Rio Muni),it was destined in the 1920s to become the country’s capital under Spanish rule. Fang dancers come to Evinayong on official occasions to perform the very ancient war-dance called "biben"


Evinayond is found at the center South of the Rio Muni and at the south of Mount Chime.
The Bata Akurenam road leaves Evinayong and reaches the Gabonese border, while the Mongomo-Nsork road is linked to the Bata Akurenam road by a

 cross of 100km that cuts across many small streams and villages. Being the center of agronomy constructed in the 1930s to carryout experimental farming. The town is a gate way to other touristic towns such as Mongomo, the land of the Fang Esangui in the east and Mikomeseng, the heart of cocoa and coffee production in the north. Evinayong equally opens to the Cameroonian towns of Ambam, Ebolowa and Yaounde through the ferry of River Ntem.

Evinayong City


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